Krav Maga is the fighting system used by the Israeli Defense Forces as well as many other military organizations worldwide. Its "no-nonsense" approaches toward addressing violent attacks and threatening situations have been proven to be extremely effective for self-defense and self-protection. Krav Maga is a relatively modern system designed for everyone, regardless of age, gender, size, or athletic ability. Its techniques are easier to learn than those of other traditional martial arts systems and can be practiced in any given setting. Our training model is focused on stress performance. Fluid performance of techniques under high levels of stress in the classroom increases your chances of performing them effectively in a real altercation.

Instructors and co-owners Adam Gleason and Ilya Akhter bring a wealth of Krav Maga knowledge and experience to Strike First. Through confident and persistent coaching strategies, which include pushing the body and mind to the most extreme limits, students at Strike First achieve their goals in building confidence in their self-defense and self-protection techniques.

All classes are held at 24 Denby Rd. in Allston, MA.